home learning environment

Home Learning Environment

Home environments can be wonderful. Students have pets, food, toys, and all the comforts of home. But…students also have noise and distraction. Here is how Teach ME flexibility and portability can help:


A parent working from home, is working. That probably means: Unexpected phone calls, urgent emails, and meetings. For those students needing a parent’s help, a set schedule with back-to-back live streaming is going to be rough.

The ability to handle interruptions and put a lesson on hold, would be really helpful. Teach ME has it covered. Start, Stop, Pause, or Restart a lesson anytime.


Sometimes studying in close proximity to other family members who might be studying, or working or crying or screaming or laughing or barking….can be a little, well, noisy. An escape to a quiet area can be very helpful.

The Teach ME Video Notebook is truly portable. It has a battery backup (doesn’t have to be plugged in) and doesn’t need to be in range of the internet (because it doesn’t use it). Truly portable.