Custom School Masks PPE for Teachers and Students

None of us are really sure about the length of the pandemic, but we do know masks PPE items are needed. What better way to promote school spirit than custom printed school masks PPE for students and community members? Masks can be custom printed to have the school name, logo, or mascot on them. There are many options and features available including Adult and Youth sizes.

Custom School masks PPE for Teachers and Students
School Masks – Custom Printed

Mask Features and Options

There are many options with PPE masks, but some of our top qualifications include being durable and washable. Additionally, we wanted to offer masks that promote school spirit, so they need to be printable. There are however, lots of other features that are available.

  • Reusable, Washable up to 30 times
  • Cotton Material, 2-Layer (CDC recommended)
  • Custom Printed:
    Options from 1C to 4C (full color) Printing
  • Options for Cloth Color:
    Black, White, Gray, Blue, Red, etc.
  • Options for Activated Coal Filters
  • Options for Adjustable Nose Bridge
    Breathing Valve, Straw Holes, etc.

An Example

  • Printing idea: The solid color reflects one of the school’s colors, and the mascot logo could be printed in two colors.
  • Fundraiser idea: Parents or clubs may love to have these as fund raisers. If for example, you purchase the masks at approx. $2/unit, you could easily sell these at $5 or so to the community.

PPE Recommendations for Schools, Health Departments, and CDC Guidelines

Use masks for any in person activity such as shopping, or if visiting the school (Weekly Exchange) or attending school events. Because schools and state requirements will all have differing requirements, and everyone has their own health and family members’ health to consider, the mask chosen might be specific to your needs. Here are a few links that may help with PPE selection:

CDC- How to Choose a Face Mask
Oregon Dept of Education Ready Schools, Safe Learning
California Public Health Guidance
Washington – Face Masks

Custom School Masks PPE can be part of an Affordable Teach ME Package, or sold alone.

Let us know your district / school needs and we will build you custom pricing.

Inquire about the Teach ME System, an on-line learning alternative