Teach ME Home

 a better remote learning system

— no internet, no computer fatigue–
just teachers and the curriculum students are used to

By providing teachers and curriculum that students are familiar with, they get to have their classroom delivered to them at home. Teach ME is a remote learning system that delivers traditional classroom methodologies to the student in their home environment, and works with unique learning styles of all students.

Computer fatigue from on-line learning

No Computer Fatigue

The Teach ME System allows students to work at their own pace with as many breaks as needed. Teach ME does not use internet and is truly portable.

Traditional Teaching & Classroom Materials

It’s everything you would expect in a classroom: teachers teaching & hand grading papers, and students using text books & taking paper tests.

Studying at Home

We understand that working from a home environment might not be the same as a classroom. The Teach ME System works with home learning environments.

Teach ME Video Notebook

Our Teach ME video notebooks are custom made with a large video screen and programmed menu designed just for your needs.

mobile education

Mobile Education

Bringing the teacher and classroom to the student! Items to help include video school USBs, weekly exchange bags, and custom school masks.

Mobile Education

Low Cost

There’s one more great reason to consider Teach ME. The cost is remarkably low per student and is much less expensive than laptops or tablets.

Teach Me teacher in front of chalkboard

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