Mobile Education

Teach ME (Mobile Education) System

…is a remote learning system that packs up the teacher and classroom education, and then delivers them to the student at home

If the student cannot be in the school classroom then the next best thing is to deliver the school to the student. Students can still have their favorite teachers, the school curriculum they are familiar with, and classroom supplies to help learn. Teach ME uses physical items such as text books, workbooks, traditional paper homework, tests and items classes would normally include, like science kits, maps, or musical instruments. The Teach ME System uses a combination of traditional teaching and mobile education in order to emulate the in person classroom experience as much as possible.

The Teach ME System includes these components in order to make Mobile Education possible:

Video Notebook

Teach ME Video Notebook, made for schools

School USBs

Custom printed for schools to hold teacher videos

Teach ME weekly exchange

Weekly Exchange Bag

School bag for homework, tests, USBs, class supplies

School Masks

Promoting school spirit, Youth and Adult sizes

Teach ME Notebook
Because we custom manufacture these for schools , we can change any features needed. The video notebooks deliver video directly to the students (without the need for internet), and also help organize homework.

  • Large 9×12” notebook with metal 3-Ring binder
  • Custom manufactured and programmed
  • Built in LCD video panel
  • Custom printed (4C) and laminated

USBs made for the School Teachers will record their video lessons for the day or week and then upload them to a large capacity USB. The USB works directly with the video notebook and is stored snugly in a custom compartment built for that model. There are multiple die options however.

  • Custom printed 1C or 2C
  • Large 16GB Capacity
  • Rubber coated
  • Variety of color
  • Multiple dies and models
  • Stored in Video Notebook

School Bag for Weekly Exchange  
The Teach ME System places emphasis on physically exchanging items such as homework, tests, classroom supplies, library books, and maybe even handwritten notes. Because that can be a lot of items, the school bag is a large size.

  • Custom printed for the school
  • Variety of colors
  • Double handles
  • Large 11×15 inch size
  • Convenient pocket on the front
  • Can be sanitized

Custom Printed Masks
School events are uncertain but School masks are a great way to promote spirit (and raise funds) within the community. They could also be used for weekly exchanges. The masks are custom printed with school art such as a logo, mascot, or just text.

  • Custom printed
  • Variety of colors, styles, sizes
  • Special features available (for example, valves, straw, nose bridge, filters, etc.

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