Affordable remote learning system

Teach ME was designed to not only solve the problems with on-line learning, but also to be an affordable remote learning system that works with all households, regardless of internet status.

Not only does the Teach ME System solve a need by bringing the teacher and classroom to the student, it does so at an affordable price. Further, it is equitable. Did you know that 20% of students nationwide do not have access to internet at home? Teach ME has no requirements that students have internet at home.

Pricing is such that each student can have a Video Notebook for the year, a supply of weekly exchange items (School Bag & USB), and School Masks. Let us work with you to create a custom package that works with your budget.

A full package will cost much less than Laptops or Tablets.

The Problem

Remote learning options are needed for schools due to Covid-19 pandemic.  Schools can provide Tablets or iPads for students to do on-line learning, but have difficulty providing one system per student due to cost, and the technology has definite limitations. For example, issues include:

  • Not all students have access to internet.
  • Back-to-back live streaming causes computer fatigue.
  • On-line learning involves a new and unfamiliar curriculum. Taking tests on a computer are especially difficult for children.
  • On-line is especially bad for:
    • Younger students do not do well with Google Classroom or distraction
    • Students with disabilities, special needs, or language barriers face additional challenges.
    • Topics like math (studies indicate college students dislike on-line math as well).
  • Home environments do not always lend themselves to students learning. If parents are working with students, they may get called away for their work.
  • A loss of connection is missing between students and teachers.
  • Prohibitive cost to provide equipment for every student.
  • Large cost to switch to on-line systems.

The Solution

  1. Create a system of internet-free tools that deliver focused video from the teacher to the student and go back to graded papers.

2. Ensure students can use the product in a way that works with their learning style and home environment.

  • No back-to-back sessions, students set their pace. Teachers recommend schedule.
  • Students must be able to start, stop, pause, and rewatch.
  • Make it portable and without internet requirements.

3. Create a sense of interaction between students and teachers and make the learning as similar to the classroom experience as possible.

  • Teachers and Students interact with physical items such as graded homework, tests, notes.

4. Provide at a cost much less than Chromes or Tablets so that every student can be provided a Teach ME System.

  • Affordable remote learning system.

How did Teach ME come about?

Concerned engineers (who are also parents and have family members in jeopardy) got together and asked what solution could be provided. Parents, teachers, and community members were interviewed in order to determine the full extent of the problems. The common responses:

“On-line learning is not working.”
“Kids can’t sit at the computer all day.”
“I couldn’t do it, it’s too much. How can we expect our children to do it? “

“I’m going to need to hire a teacher.”

“There’s got to be a better way.”
“I can’t go back, I have family at home with health issues.”

The issues were compiled, a system was developed, and pricing was fine-tuned until it was affordable. Not only could we make a better remote learning system, aligned with parent’s wishes, but we could make it affordable.

It came to be, because it was needed.

Inquire about the Teach ME System, an on-line learning alternative