there is a better way
Teach ME
…an on-line learning alternative

On-line learning is not a good method for most students, so we developed an on-line learning alternative.

We have heard an ear full: “on line learning did not work for us”, “my child can’t do this”, “we need something different”. Check out what the Wall Street Journal had to say: The Results Are In for Remote Learning: It Didn’t Work.” Of course, the reason was that it depended on on-line technology and methods, and it didn’t use traditional classroom methods like Teach ME does.

What we found is that sometimes it’s due to the young age of the student, sometimes it is just too much to comprehend back-to-back, sometimes the parents can’t work with the schedule, or maybe it is too noisy in the house. Other times it’s more of an infrastructure problem because the internet can’t keep up, or there is no internet at all. Hence, we created our on-line learning alternative Teach ME.

on-line learning alternative to prevent computer fatigue

Eliminates On-Line
Computer Fatigue

Students are not able to learn with back-to-back live streamed sessions. It’s just too much content to absorb. Because we get this, Teach ME is designed to offer a more flexible pace.

alternative to on-line learning that works with home environments

Works with
Home Environment

The learning environment at home can be wonderful, but can also challenging. Teach ME has some unique features to help with the many interruptions that can happen at home, such as work calls, and noisy siblings.

Student Learning Styles and Special Needs

We understand that every student is unique and every student has their own learning style. For example, some students need a slower pace, some need to take breaks. Some students need hands on, and some need helping hands. On-line learning doesn’t work well for many students types, but it is especially bad for those who need something different.

Another great feature is that each student’s curriculum can be customized. For example, the school might have standard daily subjects like Math and Language Arts, but specialty subjects such as a special English ESL class or a SPED class can be added.

Teach ME is an alternative to on line learning
that allows students to learn how they learn best.

traditional teaching and classroom materials as an alternative to on-line learning

Traditional Teaching & Classroom Materials

There is no need for a strange new curriculum for the teacher or student to learn. Traditional items such as text books, hand graded homework and tests are used, and the teacher teaches the lessons. Just because we can’t be in the classroom doesn’t mean we can’t use the same methodology.

mobile education an alternative to on-line learning, brings the classroom to the student

Mobile Education

The system packs up all of the classroom items and delivers it to the student. For example, text books, homework, papers, videos, and any other supplies such as a science kit or art materials. Or maybe an instrument, or a jump rope. But don’t forget the hand written notes because they are everyone’s favorite.

In fact, you might even be able to include checked-out books from the school library.

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